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About the Aquariums & Supplies heading in Yellow Pages®

Find information on aquariums and supplies for aquariums under this Yellow Pages® heading. An aquarium is a specially designed tank that allows for marine life to function under an artificial habitat. Aquariums are most commonly associated with glass tanks, filled with either salt or fresh water where fish are designed to live. Aquarium supplies can consist of virtually any addition to the tank, such as gravel, plants, decorations, water pumps, food, etc.

Although aquariums are most commonly associated with fish, most people do not realise that they are also capable of containing other types of marine life such as aquatic plants, amphibians, etc. The tanks are designed with filters that ensure that the water is kept fresh so as to prevent diseases from entering the tank.

Fish supplies are available as add-ons to aquariums. In some cases, these can be for decorative purposes. For example, coloured gravel, decorations, and other types of supplies give the tank a more “life-like” appearance. Other supplies are vital to the tanks performance such as temperature control devices, filters, and chemicals to maintain certain water levels.

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Refinement options may include:

  • Fish e.g. Tropical, Cichlids, Salt Water, Exotic
  • Equipment e.g. Lights, Heaters, Stands, Tanks
  • Product e.g. Fish Food, Aquarium Furniture, Coral, Frozen Food
  • Brand e.g. Marineland, Glass One, Fluval, Hagen
  • Species e.g. Koi, Discus, Goldfish, Catfish
  • Service e.g. Repairs, Design, Set Up, Maintenance
  • Supply e.g. CO2, Chemicals, Scorpions, Reptiles
  • Service Option e.g. Free Quotes, Direct to Public, Free Delivery, Delivery
  • Type e.g. Domestic, Commercial
  • Animal e.g. Clams

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