Catering & Food Consultants

About the Catering & Food Consultants heading in Yellow Pages®

You will find information on catering and food consultants under this Yellow Pages® heading. A catering or food consultant is a person who offers services to you in the form of cooking and / or serving food.  Caterers generally offer a broad menu, with items that essentially fit within any budget. Some, however, might specialise in gourmet foods; while others specialise in other types of cuisines. Caterers will generally cook, deliver, and / or serve foods to your function, and will also, in some cases, come back to clean up. Yellow Pages® helps your search for catering and food consultants for your functions and parties.

Catering can be planned for any function and is used commonly for parties, business meetings, or other gatherings. Catering consultants can offer a broad menu, depending on what type of food you’d like to offer.  Some traditionally offer sandwiches, pasta, salad, and others. Others, however, might offer a wide array of gourmet foods, such as filet mignon, lobster tail, etc. more popular for wedding functions and the like. Caterers can also offer a variety of cuisines like Thai, Continental, Indian, Chinese etc. Most hotels and restaurants also provide catering services for a variety of functions, big and small.

The food is generally delivered to the place of the function, and set up in a buffet-style atmosphere. This allows guests to either serve themselves, or be served by a host or catering server. If you specifically require waiters and serving staff please check with the caterer individually as this might not be always included in the service. Search with Yellow Pages® to find caterers and food consultants in all states in Australia.

Refinement options may include:

  • Function e.g. School Functions, Seminars, Conferences, Sporting Events
  • Food e.g. Cheese, Fruit, Cakes, Spit Roasts
  • Meal e.g. Buffets, Lunch, Breakfast
  • Service e.g. Meals Delivered, Meal Preparation
  • Occasion e.g. Bucks Parties, Cocktail Parties, Funerals, Christmas Parties
  • Hours of Operation e.g. 24hr Emergency Service, Open 365 Days, Open Sundays, Open 24hrs
  • Payments Accepted e.g. Diners Club, Mastercard, American Express, Visa
  • Service Option e.g. Onsite Services, Consultations, Emergency Service, DIY
  • Type e.g. Residential, Commercial
  • Place e.g. Retirement Villages, Convention Centres, Restaurant, Child Care Centres

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