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About the Formal Wear Hire-Men's heading in Yellow Pages®

Information on formal wear hire for men can be found under this Yellow Pages® heading. You’ll require hired formal wear when you need to attend formal occasions like an award ceremony, corporate event, formal dinner, wedding or school function but you cannot afford to purchase one. Yellow Pages® enlists a large number of stores that offer formal wear hiring services for men. These stores can provide you with a large variety of formal wear along with accessories. While some stores require prior booking for hiring their formal suits others can be hired without any prior notice as well. Yellow Pages® can help you find formal wear hire for men’s in almost any part of Australia.

You can hire formal wear for men’s store for large variety of suits like business, classic, designer, dinner, morning, lounge, office, tails, tuxedos, single breasted and many more. You can also hire accessories like hats, shirts, cufflinks and shoes among other things.

If you are busy through out the week to hire your formal wears, there are many stores that are open throughout the week or make an appointment with the store. For your convenience some stores provide their services by appointment even after their closing hours. Yellow Pages® lists the variety of suits provided by a formal wear hire store, their websites, store timings, mode of payment, payment concerns and other pertinent information so that you can make the best possible decisions. By visiting the websites of these stores provided by Yellow Pages®, you can know more about a store’s collection and their prices.

Refinement options may include:

  • Brand e.g. Pierre Cardin, Zegna, Bossini, After 5
  • Specialty e.g. Page Boys, Designer Labels, Boys, Scottish
  • Hours of Operation e.g. Flexible Hours, Open Monday - Friday, Open Sundays, Open 365 Days
  • Payments Accepted e.g. EFT, Mastercard, American Express, Cheques
  • Service Option e.g. 1hr Service, By Appointment, Free Pick-up, No Appointment Necessary
  • Facility e.g. Showroom
  • Function e.g. Conferences, School Functions, Formal Dinners, Corporate Events
  • Kind e.g. Dinner, Classic, Lounge, Single-breasted
  • Occasion e.g. Weddings, Funerals, Festivals, Graduations
  • Accessory e.g. Buckles, Suits, Hats, Shoes
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