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Search for gluten wholesalers and manufacturers under this Yellow Pages® heading. Gluten is a composite protein found in grains, notably wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten is an important source of nutritional protein and is highly sought after worldwide as an additive to foods otherwise low in protein. The gluten founding flour gives kneaded dough its elasticity, allows leavening and contributes to the chewiness of baked products like bagels. Australia, being a major producer of wheat, also contributes a large amount of refined gluten to the world market. Companies looking to import gluten can source it from gluten manufacturers all across Australia.

Gluten manufacturers in Australia are renowned around the world for producing its products from the best wheat in Australia. Gluten manufacturers get gluten from wheat flour by rinsing bread dough and kneading it until all of the starch is removed. Some gluten manufacturers even have a range of wheat products from non-genetically modified grain. Gluten manufacturers can also provide vital wheat gluten that is refined to a client’s specification and suited for their purposes. Aside from gluten, these refiners may also be able to supply other grain derived products such as native and modified starches suitable for the food industry as well as for industrial applications. Gluten manufacturers usually also have the capability to provide large volume runs as well as to fulfil custom niche needs.

Aside from growing and refining wheat derived products, gluten manufacturers are also engaged in the study of the benefits of wheat protein. The products that they produce can fill all of a client’s injection, gelling, and emulsification needs. They can also produce certified organic vital wheat gluten and wheat starches as well as organic textured wheat proteins.

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