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If you are looking for magnesite in Australia, then you will find one listed under this Yellow Pages® heading. Since 1913, magnesite has been pegged in South Australia, where it soon was mined in numerous locations all over South Australia. The businesses/shops listed under this heading offer you the magnesite that you need. Magnesite is found mainly in South Australia, but certain shops in other locations can still get a hold of this as per request. Due to its abundance, many products have been created to make full use of magnesite.

Magnesite, or magnesium carbonate (MgCO3), is an ore that is often used for the production of Magnesium. Its relatively low weight coupled with high strength make it extremely ideal for different purposes. It has been popularly used in the production of cement kilns, fertiliser, alloys, vacuum cleaners, mouldings, cameras, aircrafts, lawn mowers, rubber, glass, paint, paper pulp, and acoustic tiles. While magnesite does not usually form good crystals, it can make up for a huge portion of certain rock types. It forms usually from the alteration of rocks rich in magnesium during low grade metamorphosis.

Magnesite comes in either gray or white, and there are some that have tints of yellow or brown. It also has massive forms like fibrous, coarse to fine grained rocks, and lamellar. While crystals are rare, once it is found, it usually comes out looking like hexagonal or rhombohedrons prisms, with a pinacoids termination. Magnesite is also associated with the following minerals: aragonite, strontianite, calcite and serpentine. Magnesite is now popularly used in making floors and repair systems. With the increase and rise in popularity of magnesite, there is also a clamour to search for more sources of magnesite so as to make full use of this mineral.

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