Medical Practitioners

About Medical Practitioners in Yellow Pages®

There are over 45,000 medical practitioners listed under this heading across Australia, so no matter what your ailment, you should be able to find a doctor that fits the bill in your area.

All sorts of practices are catered for; sports and travel medicine, obstetrics and general practice, psychiatry and aged care. You can also refine your search to explore medical options for a particular ailment such as headaches, fevers or wrinkles. Specific diagnostics such as cancer screenings and ultrasounds are also available to search. Unearth what practices have 24 hour emergency service in your area.

See also Medical Centres

Refinement options may include:

  • Practice e.g. Neurology, Family Care, Aged Care, Paediatrics
  • Concerns e.g. Hair Loss, Ulcers, Sleep Disorders, Skin Damage
  • Diagnostics e.g. Computerised Scanning, X-rays, Cardiac Testing, Allergy Testing
  • Service e.g. Bulk Billing, Vaccinations, LSNA, Assisted Reproductive Services
  • Hours of Operation e.g. Open Late, Open 365 Days, Open Evenings, Open Monday - Friday
  • Procedure e.g. Hair Removal, Breast Surgery, Implants, Upper GI Surgery
  • Payments Accepted e.g. Visa, Motorpass, EFTPOS, EFT
  • Payment Concern e.g. Senior Discounts, Financing, Pensioner Discounts, Insurance Claims
  • Facility e.g. Asthma Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, Car Parking, Research Centre
  • Age Group e.g. Infants, Adolescents, Children, Adults

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