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Search for pig breeders and dealers under this Yellow Pages® heading. Pig breeders and dealers are in the business of growing and breeding the many types of pig breeds, both for commercial and studding purposes and sometimes for competitions. They usually provide a service to all pork producers by housing boars for anyone who wishes to supply semen for their own farm and/or for semen sales. Breeders provide facilities for industry to house individually and syndicate-owned boars for the purpose of contracted semen collection, processing and marketing.

Pig breeders usually have loose or professional associations between each other. Associations provide members with many services such as conducting national shows and sales once a year or as requested by its members, making submissions to Government or other regulatory organisations on behalf of pig breeders, producing several newsletters per year which keep its members informed about activities conducted by the Association, its branches and members. Members of these groups share breeding information, technology and best practices amongst each other to increase pork output and achieve profitability.

Some breeders, aside from stud services and selling their livestock for meat, usually provide boar maintenance services, semen collection, and boar processing services. Some breeders specialise in the provision of artificial insemination and can provide semen evaluation, weekly housing/feeding, semen collection, processing, packing and shipping services for a fee charged to the customer. Artificial insemination is just one of the technologies now helping the industry achieve better breeds and healthier herds. Pig breeders usually are pig farmers in themselves, or are associated with multiple farms, providing them with stud services and advice and technology on how to improve their output and herd, as well as how to maintain ideal growth of their livestock.

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