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About the Process Servers heading in Yellow Pages®

Information on process servers in Australia can be found under this heading in Yellow Pages®. Process serving refers to the procedure that is employed to summon people to be present before the court for a hearing. This procedure is carried out by an adult who must not belong to any of the two parties. The individual who undertakes this is called a process server. Process servers need licenses or court orders to deliver these summonses. Often, private investigators act as process servers too. Many companies in Australia provide qualified process servers who serve civil and criminal legal documents.

Anyone in service or business could require a process server. You can avail their services if the person on notice happens to be abroad as many service providers have national as well as international contacts. They handle court documents, legal documents, subpoenas, summons and similar cases. They serve the notices of District Magistrates as well as Supreme Courts. Keeping ethical as well as official considerations in mind, these service providers deliver prompt and efficient service. You can use their services in your individual capacity as well because they also handle family law court documents.

Process servers scrutinise all documents thoroughly so that the procedure concludes smoothly and on time. They use state-of-the-art technology to update every step of the proceedings so that you may track it whenever you need to. Some process servers also provide other services such as investigation, background checks and insurance claim investigations. These companies have agents in almost every suburb providing professional service in all jurisdictions. Yellow Pages® can help you locate process servers in any state of Australia.

Refinement options may include:

  • Item e.g. Summons, Legal Documents, Court Documents
  • Practice e.g. Family Law
  • Hours of Operation e.g. 24hr Emergency Service, Open Evenings, Open 365 Days, Open Sundays
  • Payments Accepted e.g. Diners Club, Cash, Visa, Bpay
  • Service Option e.g. Quotes, Examinations, Same Day Service, Pick-up
  • Concerns e.g. Missing Persons, Fraud, Debt Recovery, Repossesion of Vehicle
  • Service e.g. Warrants, Repossessions, Evictions, General Enquiries
  • Assurance e.g. Certified, Registered, Licensed, Accredited
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