Road &/or Line Marking

About the Road &/or Line Marking heading in Yellow Pages®

Information on Road and Line Marking can be found under this Yellow Pages® heading. In order to convey information on roads, devices are used and these devices are known as road markings. These markings function to provide guidance and information to drivers and pedestrians. Furthermore, one important consideration is the uniformity of these road markings to minimise confusion and uncertainty about their meaning. Basically, they are categorised as mechanical, non-mechanical or temporary and they serve in the delineation of traffic lanes, information of motorists and pedestrians, and noise generators service. Yellow Pages® helps you search for Road and Line Marking.

Formed by a single line or two parallel lines, a road marking is designed as an indication for what parts of the road should be used by vehicles travelling in opposite directions. Road and line marking industries have supplies of traffic control products to the traffic engineering and road construction Industries. These include ttraffic lanterns, PED lanterns, PED detectors, lantern hardware accessories, and controllers. Moreover, other services include markings used in grounds and sporting fields, car parks and warehouse markings, signage, line removals (grinding, profiler, shot and sand blasting, and blackout), logo and layout design, anti-skid treatments and surface coatings, and raised pavement markers.

Meanwhile, waterborne paints are the ones used for car parks, roads and on majority of surfaces external and undercover, which is ideal for low traffic areas. For high traffic areas, cold applied plastic and thermoplastic are used. Moreover, occupational health and safety markings are usually used in walkways, hazard, fire extinguishers, etc while car park markings are noticed in nursing homes, schools, warehouses, shopping centres, factories, etc.

Refinement options may include:

  • Brand e.g. Truline, Graco, A1 Roadlines
  • Product e.g. Linemarking Machines, Thermo Plastic, Non-Skid Surfaces, Road Reflectors
  • Service e.g. Line Removal, Re-Sprays
  • Hours of Operation e.g. Open Evenings, Open Sundays, Open 365 Days, Open Saturdays
  • Payments Accepted e.g. Cheques, Visa, Direct Debit, Cash
  • Service Option e.g. Delivery, Free Delivery, Inspections, Consultations
  • Function e.g. Roadshows, Promotions, Exhibitions, Corporate Events
  • Kind e.g. Traffic, Safety
  • Material e.g. Emulsions, Alkyd, Chlorinated Rubber, Epoxy
  • Type e.g. Commercial, Residential

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