Sewer Cleaning Equipment

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Search for sewer cleaning equipment under this Yellow Pages® heading. Whether you need equipment for cleaning, rehabilitation or testing for your sewers and drains, you can find any type of equipment needed along with the right manpower and assistance. Not only do they perform sewer treatments, they also repair, customise, and maintain any type of sewer cleaning equipment that you may own. Yellow Pages® simplifies your search for a range of sewer cleaning equipment in all states in Australia.

Most of these companies employ trained technicians to give you complete service and spare parts inventory for any type of system that your sewer is using. They also sell various types of sewer parts and sewer cleaning equipment, including pressure and drain cleaners, CCTV sewer inspection systems, high pressure sewer washing accessories, barrel washing equipment and even car wash accessories. Other products include generators, fire fighting pumps, air compressors and air transfer pumps, as well as upholstery and carpet cleaning equipment.  They also provide customisation of equipment to suit a particular application. The major companies in this field are Interpump, PA, Annovi Reverberi, Pratissoli, Pulitecno and Soteco.

Some of these companies provide equipment manufactured and assembled in their own factories while others import their parts and equipment from manufacturers both locally and abroad. In terms of service from a simple cable repair to designing and manufacturing custom made equipment to suit a particular application. These companies have qualified fitters, mechanics, welders and technicians to take care of all your needs. Customers can browse and shop for parts and equipment in the companies’ virtual showrooms available online. For inquiries, customers can contact them through mobile, fax and email. Yellow Pages® simplifies your search for a range of sewer cleaning equipment in all states in Australia.

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