Textile Mills

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For information regarding textile mills look under this Yellow Pages® heading. Textile mills are factories where fibres are spun and woven to create fabrics. They produce wool, cotton, wool blend, and synthetic blend yarns. They commonly produce hand knitting and industrial yarns which are supplied to local and international textile wholesalers and retailers. These yarns are tested in their laboratories for quality which is also a part of mills’ research and development projects. A textile mill employs designers, pattern writers and test knitters. Mills create fabric patterns that may be used in different areas of furnishing, fashion and apparel merchandise.

Textile mills produce many specific types of yarns. This can be pure wool such as Merino and crossbred, quick-knit yarns, fine baby yarns, blends of natural fibres, blends of synthetic fibres, blends of natural and synthetic fibres, and novelty yarns, among others. Mills commonly have a design and publishing department which aids in the design and graphing of patterns. This is part of modern print technology applied on textiles. Textile mills aims to come up with quality yarns, unique patterns, and technical support in order to provide a total solutions package for clients. They design patterns that can be used for women’s day and evening clothing lines, men’s day and evening clothing lines, children’s apparel, babies’ clothes, sportswear, knitwear, and underwear.

Some textile mills specialise in providing fabrics needed in the automotive industry. This includes seat covers and interiors. Textile constructions for car interiors include fabric, circular knitting and warp knitting. Textile mills create interiors that are durable and can stand against harsh environmental factors such as light and humidity. These textiles have to be flame resistant and easy to maintain.

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