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About Us

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Pinegrove Memorial Park provides a sanctuary where reflections and thoughts can flourish and resonate in a tranquil, inviting environment. It is a place of natural, landscaped beauty, maintained by dedicated staff. A place where peace and privacy are cherished and respected.


We strive to maintain high standards of beauty, peace and tranquillity. We believe it is a privilege to serve families and in so doing we take the utmost care and respect, which is reflected in how we deal with a loved one throughout the cremation process.


Niche: A traditional cremation memorial; our niches come in a variety of finishes, with choices of plaques. Although the niches are single in some areas family niches are available.

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InvoCare Australia Pty Ltd

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Funeral Celebrants, Funeral Services, Memorial Services, Pre-arranged Plans, Religious Services

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Burials, Urns


Chapels, Florist, Memorial Gardens


Ash Containers, Caskets, Keepsake Urns, Memorials, Urns


Crypts, Mausoleums


Locally Operated


  • Do I have to buy a casket when choosing cremation?

    Crematoriums will require a suitable container to house the body for the cremation.

  • Can we have a viewing if we want cremation?

    A viewing can help in the grieving process by helping confirm the reality that a death has occurred and provides families with final closure.

  • Why do people select cremation?

    The reasons for choosing cremation are as varied and unique as the individuals selecting it. Some choose cremation based on their feelings toward environmental issues and land usage. For many, it is a choice that reflects the individual's philosophical or religious beliefs. Others choose cremation to simplify the experience and save money.

  • How is the coffin placed in the cremator?

    The coffin is always inserted into the cremator feet first.

  • Does cremation replace a funeral?

    Cremation does not replace a funeral, rather it allows for more choices when it comes to choosing a loved one's final resting place, selecting a permanent memorial, and bringing the bereaved together to pay tribute to the deceased.

  • Are special cremation containers and caskets available?

    There is a wide variety of cremation containers including caskets, alternative containers and urns to meet each family's needs. A cremation casket is a special casket constructed from materials that are environmentally friendly. It appears very similar to burial caskets and may be used for a visitation and/or a funeral ceremony or gathering. It is cremated with the person. There are also a variety of alternative containers from which to choose.

  • Do you have to embalm the body even though it will be cremated?

    No, unless refrigeration is not available or you select a service with a formal viewing or visitation.

  • What is cremation?

    Cremation is a method for preparing the deceased for memorialisation. The process has been practiced throughout human history, and is considered an alternative to traditional earth burial or entombment. Scientifically speaking, it is a process of reducing a deceased human body to bone fragments using high heat and flame.

  • How long does a cremation take?

    The time taken to cremate will depend on many factors including body mass, bone density and the materials from which the coffin is manufactured. The average time for an adult cremation is 90 minutes at a temperature of between 800 and 1000 degree Celsius. On average from insertion to final cooling the cremation process may take up to four hours.

  • Is more than one person cremated at one time?

    One person is only ever cremated at a time. The only exception is in the case of a mother and baby or twin children. It may also be acceptable for both a mother and baby or twin children to be in the same coffin. In these instances, approval is sought from the Health Department.