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About Us

About The ORS Group

  • Innovative, customised solutions
  • Customised training
  • One-stop solution
  • For all of your employment needs
  • Over 20 years of experience
The ORS Group is founded on the empowerment model for both staff and clients.
The ORS Group has for over 20 years been providing services to individuals and employers designed to assist people achieve their vocational goals. ORS started out as a workplace rehabilitation provider employing 6 people.

The ORS Group employs over 500 staff and is recognised as one of the leading providers of employment services, workplace rehabilitation, injury prevention, EAP and training services in Australia. Known for the ability to deliver a 'one stop solution' The ORS Group provides high quality service with a passion and dedication that is second to none.

We recognise the importance of effective communication between relevant parties to facilitate the success of a vocational rehabilitation program. As such, consultants place an emphasis on the involvement of the employer, the injured worker and treating medical practitioners in the development of the rehabilitation plan.

Short Courses Available:

Injury Management For Employers

Monitor A Safe Workplace

Basic Computing

Deliver Group Training

Risk Assessment

Manual Handling

Conduct Workplace Assessments

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OHS - Occupational Health & Safety, Psychologist, Rehabilitation Services

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  • How much does it cost?

    In our Job Services and Disability Services, we can provide employers with free recruitment advice, placements and training.

  • I have an employee who needs further training; do they have to be on benefits?

    No, our training services are a Registered Training Provider (RTO) and we have many courses on scope to suit your needs. Our training services can also customise training for your organisational needs.

  • How does the holistic approach work?

    The ORS Group internally refers across service areas to be able to provide job seekers and employers with a quality service. We can obtain our workplace rehabilitation clients with work placements through Job Services, or find employers staff at the same time we train existing staff in one of our courses. We find that we have a "one stop shop".

  • If I hire someone with a mental or physical disability will they be less productive?

    No, we have found that our DES clients are very passionate and excited about any job opportunity. The government can also provide employers with wage subsidies to ensure equal employment and wages for all staff without impacting on the productivity of the business. Our Injury Prevention and Wellness team can also assess the performance of someone with a vocational barrier to determine the support available.

  • What are the disability standards?

    These are rules that are put together by the Government that tell The ORS Group the best way meet the needs of people with a disability. The Government pays The ORS Group to help people with a disability find and keep a job, so they expect us to provide the best possible service. The disability standards tell The ORS Group how to do this.

  • How does the government know that The ORS Group are meeting the disability standards?

    There is an audit team that comes into The ORS group every year and looks at how we do things. They tell the government whether or not we are doing a good job. The ORS group has a handbook that explains each of the 12 disability standards very clearly and tells you how we make sure that we are meeting them.