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About Us

About Hawkesbury Driving School

  • Over 35 Years In The Hawkesbury area NSW
  • Competitive Prices
  • Patient Stress Free Environment
Servicing the Hawkesbury for over 35 years and specializing the Richmond NSW driving test. Nice new cars which are easy to drive.
Hawkesbury Driving School is a family owned business which has been established in this area for over 35 years and is well known in our community. With passed down experience from previous generation, we have the best teaching methods available in the area. We have the highest first time pass rate in the Hawkesbury which means we provide the safest drivers out there on the roads today.

One of the benefits of having the highest first time pass record in the Hawkesbury for parents and students is that if you get through first go you don't incur extra costs !


Agnes Banks - Berkshire Park - Bligh Park - Freemans Reach - Glossodia - Grose Vale - Grose Wold - Hawkesbury - Hobartville - Kurrajong - Kurmond - Londonderry - McGraths Hill - North Richmond - Oakville - Richmond - South Windsor - Tennyson - The Slopes - Windsor - Yarramundi - Wilberforce - Windsor Downs

Hawkesbury Driving School offers fun, friendly and affordable driving lessons in Richmond and Windsor NSW; Bligh Park; Glossodia; Freemans Reach; Wilberforce; McGraths Hill; Yarramundi; Windsor Downs; North Richmond; Grose Vale; Grose Wold; South Windsor; Londonderry; The Slopes; Kurmond; Hobartville; Berkshire Park; Tennyson; Oakville; Kurrajong; NSW...

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Hazard Perception, Learner Training, Log Book Training, Refresher Training


Automatic, Manual


Country, Freeway, Suburbs



Age Group

Adults, All Ages, Mature Learners, Students, Young People


Private Lessons

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Drop Off, Pick-up


Driver Rehabilitation, Nervous Students




1 Hour Lessons, 2 Hour Lessons


Hyundai, Toyota


A Grade, Accredited, Certificate 4, RTA Low Risk Driver Training


Family Operated


Australian Driver Trainers Association

Hours of Operation

Flexible Hours


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