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About Us

About Gypsy Rose - Scissorcraft

  • Hair & body products
  • Oily skin facial soap
  • Normal skin facial soap
  • Hair styling products
  • Hair treatment products
Gypsy Rose are guaranteed Un-Tainted, 100% Proven Biodegradable & Multipurpose-100% Solar Powered earth-friendly energised factory
Est 1993, the 'Gypsy Rose' range of hair & body products has been developed over the past 20 yrs by environmentally conscious hairdresser Karen Ellis. Karen has over 25 years of experience in the Hairdressing industry with numerous International & National awards to her credit for cutting & styling. She is also a qualified Hair Colour Specialist & accredited Natural Therapist as an Aromatherapist.

" Truly Naturally Derived " Ingredients

Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' Hair & Skin Products Do Not Contain:

  • Any Of The Sulphate Family
  • Any Synthetic Emulsifiers Any Propylene Glycol
  • Any 'Paraben' Ingredients (Inc Methyl's, Butyl's, Propyl's)
  • 100% Proven Biodegradable & Multipurpose
  • 'Gypsy Rose' is made using 'Raw Ingredients'
  • Cold pressed oils
  • 100% essential oils
  • Fruits
  • Vinegars
  • Teas
  • Rainwater
  • 'Gypsy Rose' is Handmade in Australia

Does Shampoo Give You An Itchy Dry Scalp?

  • Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' 2 in 1 Shampoo
  • Does Your Hair Have a Scalp, Volume &/or Shine problem?
  • Are you tired of using Conditioner? 2 Types-Rosemary or Lavender
  • Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' Hair Shine Leave-in Conditioner
  • Do You Have Scalp, Midlengths & Ends Issue? Multi-Purpose - 2 Types - 3 Uses Inc Full Head Treatment
  • Herbacraft "Gypsy Rose" Hairspray
  • Do You Have to Use Too Many Styling Aids?

100% Essential Oils Acting As Exfoliator-Moisturiser-Cleansors

Body Products-

  • Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' Liquid/Hand Body Wash
  • Cleanses, Exfoliates & Moisturises
  • Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' Facial Soap Mixtures
  • Are You Tired of Toners & Moisturisers?
  • Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' All Rounder Body Top to Toe
  • '1' multipurpose product for your body
  • Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' Crystalbody Deodorant
  • No Chlorohydrate Aluminium -Stain Free
  • Herbacraft 'Gypsy Rose' Rosehip Oil

Payment Methods

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54 889 053 375
111 518 828
Also trades as
Isle of Eire Pty Ltd T/as Scissorcraft Manufacturer & Distributor of Australian & New Zealand Trademark Gypsy Rose Products

Products and Services


Beef, Bread, Butter, Fruit, Hair Care Products, Health Products, Honey, Jams, Milk, Oils, Rabbit, Sugar, Tea, Vinegar, Water


Biodegradable, Gluten Free, Non-toxic, PH Balanced

Service Option

Delivery, DIY, Mail Order, Takeaway

Payment Concern

Bulk, Wholesale


Accredited, Guaranteed, Standards Australia


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  • Can I use the Gypsy Rose 2 in 1 shampoo on coloured hair?

    Ok to use on all types of coloured hair- But do not use on day of having colour as any 2 in 1 shampoo's conditioning effect will stop colour from taking as well. If doing at home use a plain shampoo (not a shampoo that is labelled 2 in 1 or conditioning) on day prior to applying colour or if going to a salon inform them you are using a conditioning shampoo and to shampoo your hair 1st with their pre-colour shampoo. Also ok to use to rinse out and remove colour on day and anytime from there on.

  • I'm using Gypsy Rose Rosemary 2 in 1 shampoo and I need more moisture on my mid lengths and ends?

    If you generally feel like you are happy with root lift of 'Rosemary' shampoo, then use our 'Rosemary' Hair Shine as a Leave-in Conditioner for more moisture & settling fullness on mid lengths and ends. Your type to choose is usually to match up 'Rosemary' shampoo with 'Rosemary' Hair Shine, especially good on hair hard to comb out, long coloured &/or permed hair. Always comb hair ends first up to crown.

  • Gypsy Rose Leave-in Conditioner is all good as a Leave-in Conditioner but I need an extra treatment?

    You are happy with 2 in 1 shampoo and Leave - in conditioner but just need a boost to condition and shine once in awhile? Then still using Hair Shine follow the instructions for its use as a full hair and scalp treatment. Start off once a wk for a few wks, once a fortnight then cutting back as condition improves to once a month. Return to the regime if need be. This can be good to permanently fix a problem other than using only as a daily Leave-in Conditioner (Leave-in is a temporary fix only)

  • Using Gypsy Rose ... How can I give my hair and scalp a boost?

    Remember you can do a full Gypsy Rose 'Hair & scalp treatment' using our 3 use Hair Shine product, especially good for your scalp & Gypsy Rose shampoo will then maintain result. Colder temperatures (i.e. winter) & stress can be the catalyst for triggering a genetic, former or present hair & scalp issue. Repeat a full treatment as often as you need. You can use 'Lavender' Hair Shine with 'Rosemary' shampoo. Our 'Lavender' formula is heavier, more conditioning- for drier thicker &/or wiry hair.

  • When using Gypsy Rose 2 in 1 shampoo ... Why don't I get a lather on 2nd shampoo-even after my 2 week trial?

    You must do 3 shampoos 1st time using then must wash twice a wk otherwise your hair is too soiled to get a lather on 2nd shampoo & you will need to do 3 again to get a lather ( a waste of product & you are creating scalp issues with oil, sweat & dirt). Your hair will be still clean even with a natural non-descriptive lather. If you have clean roots but your mid-lengths & ends aren't, then you aren't doing enough salt shakes for your length of hair &/or distributing them evenly over lengths.

  • I thought '2 in 1' shampoo's were bad for you and contained really bad ingredients?

    On the PH chart shampoo is Alkaline (the cleansers that open the cuticles outside imbrications to go into the cortex & clean). Conditioners are acid (the conditioning agents that close the cuticles imbrications to give you a softer feel & the result is to PH level your hair. The final action is the conditioner even if synthetic chemicals. Using Un-Tainted ingredients, our PH balanced shampoo in its entirety gives you the same results as using 2 products. NOTE: Do not judge hair until fully dry.

  • Why does the Gypsy Rose 2 in 1 shampoo sediment levels vary from bottle to bottle?

    As we mention on Gypsy Rose leaflet ... our products will always vary in colour, look & texture is proof of the purely natural fermentation process of combining these raw ingredients. Age is the big key to sediment levels being lower or higher with No affect to performance or preservation of product. Fermentation of our products is not an ongoing process & will cease in time & we have many bottles we are still scrutineering over the past 20 years to prove this. Fermentation Is Our Preservation.