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About Us

  • Helping you find, buy and sell.
  • Focusing on a simple business model.
  • To put you in touch with the right people.
Sensis is Telstra's information and advertising business and Australia's leading information resource.
Sensis helps people find, buy and sell through our vast network which spans across print, online, mobile, voice and mapping services and new devices such as the iPad and T-Hub and includes iconic Australian brands such as Yellow Pages®, White Pages®, Whereis®, 1234 and Citysearch®. Our directories and digital marketing solutions are designed to deliver measurable leads to Australian businesses.

At Sensis we're proud to support small and medium sized businesses in Australia. They are our bread and butter and their success is our success.

Committed to a sustainable future

Our vision is to connect communities by delivering world-leading social, financial and environmental value. How we do things is every bit as important as what we do. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to strengthen the small business sector, reduce our environmental impacts and invest in the local communities we operate in.

Careers at Sensis

The work environment at Sensis is stimulating, innovative, fun and challenging. It is driven by strong leadership and entrenched values, and it is this combination that sees us attract the best and brightest people. We promote work-life balance and wellbeing through programs, policies, and simply leading by example.

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