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About Us

About Penrite Oil Company Pty Ltd

Australian owned & made since 1926.

About Penrite Oil

Penrite began in Australia in 1926. This wholly Australian owned company has been blending premium quality oils for 85 years. Best known for automotive engine oils Penrites range now includes Original Equipment Manufacturer approved Coolants, Engine and Fuel Additives, Marine and Motorcycle specific products.

Penrite's premium range of lubricants are developed in conjunction with our suppliers and international partners to ensure the latest technological developments are applied to Penrite products.

Products and Services


Grease, Oil

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Open Monday - Friday

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Agricultural Lubricants, Bio-degradable Lubricants, Chain Lubricant, Compressor Oil, Drilling Lubricant, Earthmoving Lubricants, Extreme Pressure Oil, Gear Lubricant, High Temperature Grease, High Temperature Oil, Hydraulic, Industrial, Long Life Lubricants, Low-Toxic Lubricants, Marine Lubricants, Open Gear Lubricant, Speciality Lubricants, Synthetic, Transmission, Transport Lubricants, Waterproof Grease, Wire Rope Lubricant


Biodegradable, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature, Long Life, Low Tox, Specialised, Waterproof

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Delivery, Lubricant Problem Solving


Accredited, Australian Made, Certified, Guaranteed, ISO, Licensed, Warranties


Australian Owned, Family Operated, Family Owned, Owner Operated


Commercial, Fuel Additives, Motorcycle, Marine, Industrial, Farm, Coolants, Engine Oils, Truck, Engine Additives, Automotive

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  • What's the difference between mineral, semi-synth, full synth and premium full synth oil?

    Each of these oils are made with different base oils. MINERAL oils are made with highly refined Group 1 or pure hydrocracked Group 2 Base oil. SEMI SYNTHETIC oils are made with a minimum of 20% Synthetic Base Oils. FULL SYNTHETIC oils are made from high quality synthetic Base Oils. PREMIUM FULL SYNTHETIC oils are made from high quality synthetic base oils including man made PAO and/or Esters

  • Can you mix the older, semi-synthetic HPR oils with the new, full synthetic HPR oils?

    Yes. HPR 0 semi-synthetic and HPR 0 full synthetic can be mixed. The same goes for HPR 5, 10 and 15.

  • Why is my oil consumption so high?

    High oil consumption could have a number of causes. The most common tend to be: using too low a viscosity for the application, viscosity breakdown, using a low quality oil grade, damaged rings or seals or simply normal engine wear over extended periods.

  • Does the colour of the oil mean anything?

    Sometimes a dye is added for product identification (e.g. DEXRON-III and DEXRON-VI will always be red as it is part of GM's requirements). Base oils and additives have natural variations in colours (i.e. browns to pale golds) but have no bearing on the performance of the oil. Used oil is usually darker than fresh oil due to various causes (e.g. soot, age, oxidation, contamination, etc.).

  • Why should I use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved engine oils?

    Some vehicle manufacturers have strict guidelines in relation to what approval specification the engine oil used in their vehicles must have. Lubricant manufacturers can supply approved products in order to maintain vehicle manufacturers’ warranties. Failure to use an OEM approved oil can therefore in some cases, void the manufacturer’s warranty. Penrite holds many OEM approvals from major global automotive manufacturers, and these are being added too regularly.

  • What is the difference between Type A and Type B Coolants?

    Type A Coolants contain inhibitors to protect the cooling system from rust, corrosion & cavitation as well as an effective Anti-Freeze/Anti Boil solution normally present as a type of glycol. Type B coolants contain only inhibitors for rust, corrosion & cavitation. They DO NOT contain any Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil emulsions.

  • What is the difference between Red & Green coolant?

    All colours in coolants are dyes used by the manufacturers to distinguish different products. In Australia, Red/Pink/Magenta coloured coolants are generally contain an OAT inhibitor pack and Green/Blue/Yellow generally contain Hybrid inhibitor packs. Overall, a coolant can be any colour that a manufacturer wants to make it. Too learn more about coolants, please visit our Technical Bulletin on coolants.