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About Us

About Midas

  • Car Service option that suits you best
  • Essential service from $149
  • Dealership service without the price tag
  • Specialist services: Brakes, Suspension, Exhaust
  • National network guarantee
Our products & services include log book servicing, car service, brakes, exhaust, suspensions & fleet service.
Know where you stand with Midas. Here at Midas, we're your auto service experts. When you choose Midas you always know where you stand. Our pricing is transparent and there are no 'ifs' or 'buts'. Over the years we've built our reputation on trust, quality servicing, down to earth pricing and excellent customer service.

Log Book Service

A Midas Log Book Service is a great way to keep your car in top shape. For a competitive rate, we can carry out a log book service on a new or used car according to the manufacturer's instructions. The service includes all parts, oils and scheduled service items - plus you get a Midas safety check and vehicle inspection report.

You'll notice we do things a little differently

For starters when we give you a quote, we stick to it, so there are no nasty surprises. Then we service your car from $149 without voiding your new car warranty. Plus we make it easy to budget for any extra repairs by letting you know what needs to be fixed now, and what can wait.

And with our nationwide warranty & experienced franchise network, you can trust Midas to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

You Midas well have the best.

The Midas Guarantee - Know Where You Stand

As you would expect from Midas we guarantee all workmanship and parts that we supply and fit. So should any part supplied by Midas be incorrectly fitted or found to be defective during the guarantee period Midas will rectify or replace the part for no charge and we cover this at our stores nationally.

24 005 241 798
005 241 798
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Brake & Clutch Services, Mechanics & Motor Engineers, Suspension, Shock Absorbers & Springs

Products and Services


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Additional Locations

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  • Why should I have my car serviced by Midas?

    It is important to have your car serviced regularly as it not only keeps your car running efficiently, but also helps prevent problems requiring costly repairs. Midas are famous for their quality work and technical expertise, and are able to offer a range of service options to suit most cars, and all at a reasonable price.

  • Will a Midas logbook service affect my new car warranty?

    In relation to general servicing, the ACCC stipulates that vehicles with new car Statutory Warranty must be serviced by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer's specifications, using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Where parts used are non-genuine, but interchangeable with the genuine part, they must be fit or appropriate for the purpose.

  • Can Midas carry out a Logbook Service on my car?

    A Midas Logbook Service is a great way to keep your car in top shape. For a competitive rate, we can carry out a log book service on a new or used car according to the manufacturer's instructions. All Midas stores are equipped with the technical information and training to meet the manufacturer's guidelines for most popular makes and models.

  • Why do my brakes squeak?

    Often it's harmless, the result of something like temporary moisture in the brake pads. But continuous squeals or grinding sounds should be taken very seriously as they mean it's time for new brake pads or shoes. Worn brakes can mean longer stopping distances and difficulty stopping in emergency situations. And rotors and drums that wear too thin can even become over-stressed to the point of cracking or breaking.

  • Why does my steering wheel & brake pedal shake when I apply my brakes?

    The disc rotors on your vehicle are no longer running true (or wrapped). To rectify this the disc rotors must be machined, or if they have been machined before and when measured are found to be under size they must be replaced.

  • My brake pedals feel really soft and spongy. Is this normal?

    It is not normal. A very low or spongy pedal means there's likely air in the hydraulic lines of your car's brake system that creates low hydraulic pressure. If this gets too low the brake pads or shoes may no longer be able to apply enough force and friction to safely stop your car. An immediate inspection of your brake system is strongly advised.

  • How do mufflers actually work? Are mufflers made of special soundproof material?

    Your exhaust system, in particular the muffler is very sophisticated though you can't really appreciate it just looking under your car. If you were to cut it open you likely find what looks to be a bundle of metal tubes with holes in them. Inside the muffler these tubes work together to force waves to hit one another in very precise ways cancelling the sound in the process. With all this hidden, it's no wonder mufflers can't be a one-size-fits-all replacement part.

  • Why does my vehicle squeak or knock when driving or going over bumpy roads?

    This may be because you have worn suspension bushes. A suspension bush can also cause your wheel alignment out of specification, wearing your tyres prematurely.

  • Why is my vehicle not stopping as well as it used to?

    This may be because the shock absorbers are worn. A worn shock absorber can increase your braking distance by up to 20%.