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94 Hector St, Osborne Park WA 6017

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07 Jan 2012

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07 Dec 2011

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23 Nov 2014

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About Us

About Kosmic Sound

  • Guitars, bass, amps & FX
  • Drums
  • Keyboard, recording & DJ
  • Live sound & lighting
  • Visit our online store
Kosmic Sound is one of the largest music stores in Australia, with both brick and mortar retail outlets and an online store.
We are located in Osborne Park Western Australia. We stock a wide range of products, including drums, DJ, guitars and amps, keyboards, music technology and PA. You will find most major brands in stock, including Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, Roland and much more.


We stock a wide range of guitars, including classical, acoustic steel string, acoustic-electric, semi-acoustic and electric guitars. Our brands include such greats as Paul Reed Smith, Yamaha, Fender, Gibson, Martin, Epiphone, Ibanez, ESP, Maton, Songline, Classmate, Cole Clark, Rodriguez, Music Man, Jackson (Including Custom Shop USA) Gretsch, Guild, Washburn and more.

To view our range of guitars. Click here.

Bass, Amps & Effects

We also stock a great range of bass guitars and amps, like Music Man, Spector, Aguilar, Hartke, Fender, Behringer, Ampeg, Epiphone, and the list goes on.

You will also find quite an extensive guitar repair and custom shop service, with access to some great luthiers. We can repair, adjust or hot up your guitar, and help you when disaster strikes, and you need major repairs done on your beloved axe.

To find out more click for Bass & Amps & Effects.

The Drum Shop At Kosmic

The legendary Drum Shop lives on at Kosmic, & we have put a lot of effort into making this a special feature of our new store. We now carry a massively expanded selection of acoustic and electronic kits, cymbals from the world's biggest brands.

Live Sound & Lighting

The huge new Live Sound department is one of the main areas to benefit from the re-fit, with a sensational new look that is incredibly functional, and so you can easily hear the systems.

Visit Drum & Live Sound, Lighting

Payment Methods

14 008 879 507

Products and Services


Acoustic Basses, Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Electric Guitars, Guitars, Keyboards, Pianos, Synthesisers


Amplifiers, Bass Accessories, Drumsticks, Guitar Strings, Pedal Cases

Instrument Feature

Acoustic Instruments, Electric Instruments, Professional Instruments, Studio Equipment


Instrument Hire, Music Classes, Repairs, Restorations, Tuning


Ampeg, Bach, Casio, Ibanez, Paul Reed Smith, Pioneer Pro DJ, Yamaha



Service Option

Consultations, Online Music Store, Onsite Services


Locally Operated, Locally Owned, Owner Operated


Guaranteed, Licensed


Guitars, Electric Guitars Fender, Electric Guitars Ibanez, Guitar Strings, Electric Basses, Bass & Amp Packages, Bass Combos, Guitar Amp Combos, Acoustic Kits, Power Amplifiers, Guitar Strings Electric, Synthesizers, Analog Mixers, Digital Pianos, Drums & Percussion, Powered Speakers, Audio Interfaces, Unpowered Speakers, Microphones, Rigging & Stands, Portable PA, Digital Mixers, Power Amplifiers, In Ear Monitors, DJ Units, Cables & Accessories, Acoustic Drum Accessories, Gift Certificates, Tama, Yamaha, Behringer, Sabian, Alctron, Amps & FX, Tuning & Maintenance Tools, Guitar Amp Heads, Guitar Speaker Cabinets, Guitar Multi-Effects, Guitar Technology


  • Are you looking to buy musical instruments online?

    Not Sure What To Buy? If so we have started compiling a list of articles that should help you in choosing the right product for what you would like to do. If you have a specific item you would like to know about please email at online@kosmic.com.au we will do our best to add your choice to or article base!

  • DJ FAQ: Which DJ Headphones?

    As with Studio headphones there are two fundamental types of design. Firstly: Supra-Aural which means the headphones, sits around the edge of the ear. Second Circum- which simply means the headphones covers the ear completely. Generally it is accepted that Supra-Aural designs can offer a superior isolation from background noise, while Circum-Aural headphones are definitely more comfortable.

  • What's the difference between coated & clear drum heads?

    In our experience when comparing like for like heads e.g. a two-ply head in clear and coated versions tuned the same; a clear head will give you a rounder, fatter tone with more sustain whereas a coated version gives a little more attack and a shorter sustain. Durability is still the same with both models; although coated heads can show wear more when the coating wears off.

  • What size & type of drum sticks do I need?

    The size of your drum sticks depends mostly on 2 things; the style of music you play and the size of your hands. There are no rules for drum stick selection, things to consider would be: A larger stick e.g. 2B will usually be more durable and provide more volume, A smaller stick e.g. 7A will be better for smaller hands and for keeping the volume down, A wood tip will give you a more natural sound on cymbals and drums, A nylon tip will give a brighter sound, useful in higher volume settings.

  • Are you looking to play the piano or electronic keyboard?

    If so, our resident lord of the keyboards Alan Payne has some hot tips on how to practice, and a look at some useful features to consider when you are ready to buy your new keyboard or digital piano. Most digital pianos let you plug in headphones, which can benefit both the learner and the people they live with. As well as avoiding distraction, headphones can block out noise leaving you free to concentrate on private practice.