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Fixed price settlements. Buyers $880. Sellers $550.

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About Us

About Flat Rate Settlements

  • Flat rate fees: Sellers $550, Buyers $880
  • Perth Property Lawyers
  • Chosen for price, Loved for service
  • Simple & Efficient
  • Register online anytime
We charge buyers and sellers a flat rate fee that is not based on the price of your property.
Flat Rate Settlements is a service of Birman & Ride, a city-based law firm with more than 30 years experience in property law and a focus on fixed-price legal services.

We'™re independent

Unlike many settlement agencies, we don't have financial links with real estate companies. We're committed to giving you objective advice - not just to getting the deal through regardless.

If something goes wrong...

Most settlements proceed smoothly. But if there's a problem it'™s good to know that your lawyers have the resources to advise you of your rights and tackle the difficulty on the spot.

Get advice before you sign a real estate contract

There's no cooling off period for real estate contracts in Western Australia. Once the contract is signed by both parties it's usually legally binding.

If you have any queries or concerns about your transaction you must seek advice before you sign the contract. At a short consultation ($99) we will review your document and advise you if we see any problems or areas for improvement.

It's easy

You don't need to come to our offices - we can handle everything by phone and mail.

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  • What is transfer duty and who is responsible for paying it?

    The buyer is liable for transfer duty (formerly known as stamp duty) on the contract and transfer. Transfer duty is calculated on the value of the property. You can calculate transfer duty using the Office of State Revenue's online calculator. You may be eligible for a reduced rate of transfer duty if you are a first home buyer or you are buying a residence for owner occupation.

  • How are rates and taxes adjusted at settlement?

    All local authority rates, Water Corporation rates, strata levies and land tax (outgoings) for the current year will be apportioned between the buyer and seller with the effect that: - The seller pays the outgoings up to and including the settlement date or possession date (whichever is earlier); and - The buyer pays the outgoings from the day after the settlement date or possession date (whichever is earlier). We will notify those authorities of the change of ownership.

  • Is there anything else to note about rates and tax adjustments at settlement?

    If land tax is payable by the seller in respect of the property, it will not be apportioned where: - The property is a residence which is capable of being used as a residence and for no other purpose; or - The property includes a residence which is capable of being used as a residence and: - The land is less than 2 hectares; and - That part of the land on which the residence is not constructed is used solely for an agricultural purpose.

  • How do I arrange to discharge the mortgage on my property?

    Unless stated in the contract, the property is sold free of all encumbrances. This means that, at settlement, any mortgages, caveats and other encumbrances must be discharged so that the buyer receives a clear title. If there is a mortgage or other encumbrances on the title, the seller must immediately contact the relevant financial institution or other persons and request that the encumbrance be removed at settlement.

  • What is the most common reason that settlement is delayed by a seller?

    The most common reason that settlement is delayed by a seller is that the discharging financier is not ready to settle. If settlement is delayed for this reason the seller may be liable to pay penalty interest.

  • What are the requirements for RCD & hard-wired smoke alarms?

    As of 9 August 2009 the Electricity Regulations 1947 (WA) require sellers of residential properties built after 1 January 2000 to install at least 2 residual current devices (RCD'S) in the premises before the sale is completed. As of 1 October 2009 it is compulsory that mains powered smoke alarms are installed in residential properties prior to sale.

  • Are any penalties payable if settlement is delayed?

    The General Conditions provide that if for any reason attributable to the other party, settlement is not completed within 3 business days after the settlement date, you may demand compensation at the rate of 9% per annum on the balance of the purchase price payable (Penalty interest). Penalty interest is calculated from the settlement date to the date upon which settlement is completed and must be paid at settlement.

  • What arrangements should be made by the seller before settlement?

    - Arrange for the real estate agent to give the keys to the property to the buyer on the date of possession or, if you occupy the premises as your principal place of residence, at noon on the day following settlement. - Cancel your insurance on the property no sooner than the day after the buyer takes possession or settlement (whichever occurs first). - Cancel your telephone, internet, pay television and any other telecommunications services or transfer them to your new residence.

  • What arrangements should be made by the buyer before settlement?

    As buyer, you should attend to the following matters, where applicable, before the settlement date: - Arrange for the real estate agent to give you the keys to the property on the date of possession. - Ensure the property is adequately insured from date of possession or on the settlement date (whichever date is the earlier).

  • Any other arrangements to be made by the buyer before settlement?

    - Have the electricity service and any gas service transferred into your name from the date of possession. Any outstanding electricity or gas account is the seller's responsibility and will not be apportioned at settlement. - Arrange for any telephone, internet, pay television and other telecommunications services you require to be installed or transfer your existing services to the property. - Inspect the property a few days before the settlement date.