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Acclaimed Floor Sanding Polishing opening hours in Gladesville

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Acclaimed Floor Sanding Polishing opening hours in Gladesville

7:00am - 7:00pm
7:00am - 7:00pm
7:00am - 7:00pm
7:00am - 7:00pm
7:00am - 7:00pm
7:00am - 1:00pm
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About Us

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Polishing - Promotion

About Acclaimed Floor Sanding Polishing

  • Quality Floor Sanding & Polishing Services
  • We Deliver On Time Services With Quality Finishes
  • We Are Licensed & Fully Insured
  • Over 30 Years' Experience In The Flooring Industry
  • We Provide Great Service At An Affordable Price
We inform our clients so that they can make educated decisions about which of our products & services best suits their needs.
Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services Sydney was EST in 2001 by Terry Condron. Who has been involved in the flooring Industry Since 1994. Acclaimed is an owner/operator company Servicing Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, inner west, North shore-lower, North shore-upper, Northern Beaches and Northern Suburbs in all aspects of floor sanding and polishing.

The Team at Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services have a combined experience of over 30 years in the flooring industry. With this expertise, our clients can be assured that our projects are delivered on time with quality finishes and minimal stress. We are licensed & fully insured, contractors Lic. No. 124447C, Copy of the insurance certificate is available on request.

Our Values

  • Listen to clients and address their needs quickly
  • Provide simple solutions quickly
  • Deliver proven solutions
  • Offer, Simple and clear communication with clients
  • Quality in all that we do

These are just some of the reasons why we've been in business for over 17yrs.

Whether you are a home owner, business manager or builder, Acclaimed floor sanding Service can meet your flooring requirements. Please feel free to contact us

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Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services

Products and Services

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Polishing - Promotion


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  • I'd like to have floorboards, but where do I begin?

    Firstly it is always good to get advice on any major improvement to your property. Floors are a major part of your home. Polished floors are very practical and have a natural beauty and warmth all of their own. Now that you have decided to have polished floors I would first check in an obscure part of your floor perhaps a corner or underneath the house, to check that you have floorboards under your existing floor coverings.

  • Yes, we have floorboards. Can we sand the floors ourselves?

    There are many establishments that will hire equipment to sand your floors, however this equipment is constantly being used by amateurs and as a result are usually unbalanced and far from the extremely expensive state of the art machinery used by expert tradespeople. I would therefore suggest that you seek a qualified tradesperson to undertake this type of work. The end result in a floor that will truly add value to your property.

  • How do I find a good tradesperson?

    Finding a tradesperson to undertake any building work can be a daunting task. Word-of-mouth recommendations are always good but if this is not possible there are a few basic guidelines for engaging a contractor. Firstly, get more than one quote, even if is over the phone. That way you can be sure you are not being over-charged. Secondly, Make sure you obtain a detailed quote in writing. Feel free to ask the contractor for references that you can contact if you choose.

  • How do we know if our floors are fit to sand?

    A quick check under your house before removing your floor coverings will give you an indication as to the condition of your boards and sub-floor structure. This will save you and the tradesperson some nasty surprises once you have removed all your floor coverings - particularly if you are purchasing a new property and intend to polish the boards. Some things to look for may be evidence of termites, water damage, presence of dampness etc.

  • How long will sanding our floor take?

    As most coating systems require overnight dry times the usual job will be a minimum of two/ three days. This timeframe may be extended depending on the size of the job. As an estimate, most sanders would be able to sand on average 40 square meters/day. Remember to add the time for the coats to be applied and dry after that.

  • Will there be much smell? And can I live at home while my floors are being sanded?

    Yes, it will smell. Waterborne finishes are the most environmentally friendly, therefore produce less odour, All other finishes will generally require you to be in a well ventilated separate area, if you are to stay in your home whilst the floor is drying. However, as every job is different, please consult your tradesperson on their advice concerning your house layout or coatings used to ensure they meet your requirements.

  • What floor finish should we use?

    Polyurethanes are currently the most widely used timber floor coatings. They are extremely durable, readily available and come in a range of finishes from high gloss to matt. If you are using new timber please check with your timber supplier as to their recommendation for a suitable coating as some recommend only waterborne or tung oil base coatings to be used because of their flexibility should movement in the timber arise.

  • What type of gloss level should we use?

    The sheen (shine) level on a floor is entirely a personal choice. Factors which could affect your decision include: I) whether the areas have downlights - a lot of light on a high gloss floor will cause glare. ii) Whether you clean the floor regularly - gloss floors show a lot of dust, due to their reflective nature. iii) If you have pets inside - pet’s nails can easily scratch the harder finishes, causing them to look worn more quickly. Currently satin is the sheen level in highest demand.

  • What will I have to do to prepare the floor?

    You can save money by removing all existing floor coverings including tacks, staples and any smooth edge carpet strips from the floor. Remove all furniture and other items on walls, or alternatively, hang a cotton sheet over pictures.

  • Once the job is complete, when can I move my furniture back?

    Most coating will dry overnight however 7 to 14 days for full curing in the case of polyurethane is suggested by most manufacturers. Any normal traffic should be avoided during this period of time. Small items residing in fixed positions may be put in place carefully provided they have protective tips underneath them within 3 to 5 days check with your tradesperson or coating manufacturer to make sure there is no misunderstanding on this matter as many floors are damaged in this crucial period.

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