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Dunny Doctor opening hours in Mandurah

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Dunny Doctor opening hours in Mandurah

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8:00am - 5:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm
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Emergency Call Outs: 24 Hours 7 days a Week, Field Hours: Flexible Hours 5.00 am – 5.00 pm.
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About Us

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About Dunny Doctor

  • Owner operated company
  • Fully licensed
  • Competitive rates
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Emergency call outs
Dunny Doctor is committed to provide exceptional customer service, exceed client expectations while providing competitive rates.
Riverlink Corporation Pty Ltd trading as Dunny Doctor & Mandurah Liquid Waste has been operating in Mandurah and Peel Region for 21 years. In that time, the company has offered an honest and trustworthy service to all its customers.

We at Dunny Doctor - Mandurah Liquid Waste aim at achieving continual environmental improvement through implementing a management system with objectives and targets.

The company prides itself in providing cost effective, well maintained equipment, along with neat, clean, courteous, appropriately trained and accredited operators and staff.

Our services: *Liquid waste removal, *Septic tank cleaning, *Septic tank pumping, *Septic tank maintenance, *Septic tank pump out, *Decommissioning pump out, *Industrial tanks - caravan parks/clubs/function centres, *Grease arrestors, *Portable site toilet pump out, *Water tank cleaning, *Fish ponds, *Water features, *Tankering for developers of housing or industrial estates, *Emergency call outs.

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Products and Services

Dunny Doctor - Promotion

Hours of Operation

Flexible Hours


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Septic Tank Maintenance, Water Features, Grease Arrestors, Septic Tank Pump Out, Septic Tank Cleaning, Liquid Waste Removal, Decommissioning Pump Out, Emergency Call Outs, Fish Ponds, Portable Site Toilet Pump Out, Septic Tank Pumping, Water Tank Cleaning


  • Should I go from having Septic Tanks to Deep Sewerage?

    In general terms, the cost of 1 year of deep sewerage is equivalent to the cost of 1 pump-out of a 2 Tank System. Considering that the average 2 Tank System requires pumping 3-5 years, significant savings are an advantage to having and maintaining a Septic System as opposed to being on deep sewerage.

  • How often should a Septic Tanks be pumped and cleaned out?

    This depends on its frequency of use, the number of people living in the home, if working or at home all day, the ground and how well it leaches away the liquids. As a rule of thumb, the tanks should be pumped out every 4-6 years.

  • What type of Septic System do I have?

    There are several types of systems. The older style is a 1 Tank System that's generally found in homes over the age of 45 years old, however, this system may have been upgraded during this time if renovations have taken place in the lifetime of the home. More recent homes will generally have a 2 Tank System or a large Industrial Plastic Tank with Soakwells/Leach Drains.

  • Is there anything I can add to the System to help deter root growth in my Tanks?

    "Copper Sulphate" granules can be purchased from a hardware store. It should be added to the toilet bowl last thing at night, at a rate of 1/2 cup once a month for 2-3 months, then reduced to the amount of 2 tablespoons monthly thereafter. This will help inhibit root growth.

  • How do you measure how much waste comes out of my Tanks?

    Our trucks have a scaled sight glass fitted to them allowing the quantity to be measured accurately.

  • Where does the waste go once it leaves my property?

    Our truck completes the appropriate paperwork compliant with The Department of Environment Regulation before they leave your property. Then they transport the load to a registered and authorized dump site in the Peel Area.

  • I am demolishing the house on my property, what do I need to do in regard to the Septic Tanks onsite?

    Your tanks will need to be pumped first before a Licensed Plumber can disconnect your Septic System. Depending upon your request once the tanks are emptied they may be holed for decommissioning and then filled with sand for safety reasons or you may wish to remove them. We provide the necessary paperwork after completion that needs to be submitted to the Shire/City as proof.

  • Last time my Septic Tank was pumped out, they pumped it out of the 100mm round hole on top of the tank?

    The 100mm round hole on the top of your septic tank is an inspection hole!!! There is one at each end of the septic tank. This can be done depending on circumstances, the thickness of the solids and if the waste can be stirred to break it up for pumping. This maybe the only option as the tank/s are under decking or built over the top. If we feel there is an issue we will lift the lid/s as our motto is you are paying for a service, you want it done properly and your tank/s emptied out.

  • Why has my showers/sinks/toilets/drains started to smell so bad?

    This is most likely due to the fact that the Septic Tank/s are full and the raw sludge is backing up in the system and pipe work. A sudden change in the weather of extreme hot or cold can make the sludge ferment when a system is overdue. "It is time to have your Septic Tank/s pumped out."

  • What should happen when your Septic Tank/s are pumped out?

    The lid/s are removed from the septic tank/s if necessary. The contents is mixed up and pumped out. In addition the tank is hosed out. This is a must. Do not let anyone tell you that you need to leave any material in the tank to seed or regenerate bacteria. Bacteria will naturally regenerate in the tank without the need for re-seeding. If you follow some simple practices, which we explain to you on the day we pump out your tank/s, there is no need to do anything else.

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