How much does gutter replacement cost? [2024]

Published in January 2024

How much will roof restoration & repairs cost me?
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How much does gutter replacement cost? [2024]

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Published in January 2024

How much does gutter replacement cost in Australia?

How much does gutter replacement cost? Gutter replacement cost is usually quoted by the lineal metre. You can expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $170 per lineal metre for gutter replacement installation. The total amount that roof gutter replacement costs will depend on the labour rates and the amount of guttering that you require for the job.

how much does roof guttering replacement cost?

Gutters perform an essential role to ensure water and debris is removed safely from your roof and protects your home from moisture. If you’re having any issues with existing gutters, gutter repairs or replacement is essential in order to avoid any significant damage to your home in the long term.

If you’re wondering how much new gutters cost and how gutter installation works, read our guide to guttering replacement, including:

  • Factors that affect roof guttering replacement cost
  • House gutter replacement types and profiles
  • Labour and material price estimates, and
  • How to get quotes from specialists in your area.
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What affects the cost of replacing gutters?

The cost to replace gutters is impacted by a few various factors. When quoting, a gutter installer will take into consideration the materials being used and the length of time it will take to complete the job. These are some of the factors that will affect your total cost:

  • Length of guttering required
  • Type of guttering material
  • Ease of access to your home
  • Complexity of the project
  • Labour rates
  • Any additional accessories you need installed (drains, hangers, gutter guards, flashings, slash blocks, etc).

For more complex projects like multi-storey homes, gutters replacement will cost more, especially if there are access issues. If you have a basic roof with easy access, getting your gutters replaced will be much more affordable. Ultimately, the final cost will depend on your budget and what material you want for your gutter replacement job.

Different types of gutter material

Whether your gutters are damaged and leaking and in need of repair, or you’re renovating your house and want to update the look of your guttering, you will find any type of gutters in the right profile to accentuate your home. From budget to expensive, there are all sorts of guttering materials to choose from when replacing gutters. Here are some of the options:

  • Vinyl guttering (PVC)
  • Aluminium gutters
  • Zincalume
  • Galvanised steel guttering
  • Stainless steel guttering
  • Copper gutters
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house gutter replacement cost

While PVC guttering is the cheapest material on the market, stainless steel and copper guttering tend to be much more expensive and will require welding and the installation of a professional. For DIY guttering, PVC and aluminium gutters are the easiest option. Colorbond guttering is an excellent choice and offers more variety of colours than vinyl gutters. They also don’t tend to fade over time like with vinyl guttering.

If you choose to DIY your guttering replacement to save money, this is best done if you are situated on a flat block of land and your home is just one storey. The safety risk of installing gutters on a multi-storey home or on a sloping block is not worth it when professional roof installers are equipped to do the job safely.

Different gutter profiles

Gutters also come in a range of different profiles. Half round guttering is ideal due its shape, which makes it more self-cleaning and more difficult for debris to build up. Other options to choose from are quad guttering, ‘D’ guttering, fascia guttering, old gothic (OD) guttering and smoothback guttering.

The choice you make shouldn’t just be based on which one you think looks the best. It will also depend on your climate and whether you get a lot of rain. All the different profiles have different capacities for holding water, starting from 8000mm2. For wetter climates, you will want guttering with a higher capacity. Speak with a local gutter supplier to find out the capacity you may require for your home.

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Roof gutter replacement cost

Gutter replacement costs

How much does gutter replacement cost? Gutter installation cost is typically between $30 and $170 per lineal metre, based on the materials you choose, the amount you need, and the labour rates. New gutters cost on average anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000, depending on the size of your home.

For roof guttering replacement prices, here is what you can expect to pay:

  • PVC guttering – $30 to $40 per lineal metre
  • Zinc guttering (zincalume) – $30 to $55 per lineal metre
  • Coloured zinc guttering (colour coated zincalume) – $50 to $70 per lineal metre
  • Stainless steel guttering – $90 to $170 per lineal metre

An online gutter replacement cost estimator might be able to help you get a close indication of how much new gutters cost for your home. Downpipes, fascia, fixings, and installation costs can increase your total price.

The length of guttering required for an average home is about 90 metres. This could cost you roughly $6,100, including fascia. Guttering and fascia on a smaller home might cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,300. A more complicated home design with two-storeys could easily set you back up to $8,000.

These guttering prices are estimates based on the average costs for roof guttering replacements. To find out your local gutter repairs prices, get multiple quotes from guttering suppliers in your area. Gutter installers may charge per hour for the job. Quotes usually range between $60 to $70 per hour for roof gutter replacement jobs.

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Why is gutter replacement important?

Not only do new gutters help prevent house leaks and gutter leaks that will affect your yard and surrounding foliage, but a house with old and damaged gutters could be at risk of foundation problems from moisture issues.

Gutters protect your home from both rainwater and groundwater and direct the flow away from your house. If your gutters are not doing their job, they can allow water to seep into both your foundations and your walls, weakening your home and potentially causing wood rot to homes built with timber.

cost of gutter replacement

Having cracked gutters is a major cause for concern on your property. In this case, new gutters installed is a priority. Other signs to look for that it could be time to replace gutters are:

  • Peeling paint
  • Water pooling in the gutters
  • Gutter seams coming apart
  • Dirt, mould, or mildew build up

Make sure you clean your gutters two to four times a year and check for signs of wear and tear.

Getting guttering replacement quotes

What is the cost of replacing gutters? If you want to know the cost to replace gutters in your area, you can get multiple free quotes with Yellow Pages to compare local prices. When asking for quotes, ensure you give roofing specialists as many details as possible. Measure your guttering for an accurate estimate of length of guttering required and let them know if there are any access issues to your home, if you’re on a slope, and if there are any problems with your roof.

Choose a gutter installer that has a solid reputation. Ask if they are:

  • Licensed and insured to work on your home
  • Whether they have ample industry experience.

The best gutter installation price is less important than choosing a professional who will do the job to a very high standard with quality materials, and that last the test of time.

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*All costs and prices quoted were sourced at the time this cost guide was written and should only be used as an estimate.

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