How much do roller shutters cost? [2024]

Published in January 2024

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How much do roller shutters cost? [2024]

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Published in January 2024

How much do rolling shutters cost in Australia?

How much do roller shutters cost? Roller shutter prices generally range between $300 and $1,500. The overall cost will depend on the size of the shutters and the materials used. Electric roller shutters will be more expensive than manual options.

There are many benefits to installing interior or exterior roller shutters. Not only can roller shutters increase your home security, but they also add a level of protection from the elements.

cost of roller shutters

In this roller shutter cost guide, we explore:

  • How much do roll shutters cost?
  • Cost of installing roller shutters
  • How to DIY install roller shutters, and
  • Getting quotes from installers
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How much do roller shutters cost?

How much for roller shutters? While roller shutter costs generally range between $300 and $1,500, the price will depend on the type and the size. Electric roller shutters and battery powered roller shutters cost more than manual types.

Small manual roller shutters will usually cost between $300 and $350, while larger electric versions will start from about $900.

Let’s take a closer look at some rolling shutter price estimates.

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Roller shutter price list

Roller shutter prices are usually higher than other forms of window blinds and coverings. However, they offer a better level of security to your property, can regulate the temperature of your home, and protect against storms and harsh sun rays.

There are three main types of roller shutters:

  • Manual shutters
  • Electric shutters, and
  • Battery powered roller shutters

Let’s explore their different price ranges by type and size.

Manual roller shutters cost
  • 600mm high x 800mm wide: $300
  • 800mm high x 1200mm wide: $350
  • 1200mm high x 1800mm wide: $500
  • 1800mm high x 2400mm wide: $725
Electric roller shutters price range
  • 600mm high X 800mm wide: $500 – $660
  • 800mm high X 1200mm wide: $550 – $725
  • 1200mm high X 1800mm wide: $690 – $840
  • 1800mm high X 2400mm wide: $900 – $1,000
Battery powered roll shutters cost

The price of battery operated roller shutters is about $50 more than electric roller shutters. However, installation is cheaper as you will not require an electrician for wiring purposes. You could also save money in the long run on electricity.

Other roller shutters prices

The cost of roller shutters will also depend on the material used to construct them. While aluminium roller shutters are the generally the most popular option, you can also get steel or PVC shutters. Steel is usually the best choice for security roller shutters.

The average cost of roller shutters constructed from aluminium is between $500 and $1,200, while security shutters cost between $800 and $2,000.

The cost of roller shutter installation

Depending on the installer, you can generally expect to pay between $50 and $100 per hour for a handyman or roller shutter company to install your shutters. If you’ve opted for electric roller shutters, you may need to hire an electrician as well.

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How to DIY install roller shutters

Generally, roller shutters are made for DIY and will arrive with a full set of instructions. You’ll also be able to get instructions for how to measure your window space and order the right size shutters. This is essential, in order to have the job done correctly.

When installing an electric roller shutter, you’ll have to hire an electrician for the wiring and electrical components. However, you can install battery powered roller shutters.

If you’re handy on the tools and want to keep costs down, installing roller shutters yourself is a thrifty idea. Follow our DIY roller shutter installation steps to get the know-how.

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Necessary equipment
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer drill
  • Drill bits (5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 17mm, 22mm, and 25mm)
  • Masonry drill bits (6mm or 8mm to suit screws)
  • Screws
  • Hammer
  • Rivet gun

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Measure the width of the window opening and add a little bit for the width of the guide if you’re mounting the shutter on the wall.
  2. Measure the height of the window and add the height of the pelmet.
  3. If you’re mounting the shutter within the window, measure the width of the window opening and subtract a little to allow the shutter to fit in.
  4. Measure the height of the window opening at the face of the brickwork.
Ordering and unpacking
  1. Choose the style, colour and operating method of the shutter and order them for delivery.
  2. Unpack all the parts from the box.
Fixing the guides to the wall
  1. Mark where you will need to drill on the shutter guides.
  2. Drill small holes through the hollow sections of the guides.
  3. Drill larger holes through the same holes to allow the screw heads to pass through.
  4. If the wall has no cavity, drill a 10mm hole through the back of the guide matching the height where the wall switch to operate the shutter will be placed. This will allow you to guide the motor cable through the wall smoothly.
  5. Slide the end plate legs onto the box end.
  6. For a wall with no cavity, drill a hole into the box end and slide the motor wire through the hole and into the hollow guide section and out through the hole that you pre-drilled for the cable.
  7. Drill a hole all the way through the wall into the home so that you can pass the cable through that.
  8. If your wall has a cavity, drill a hole through the back top cover that the motor is on and thread the wire through this so that it sticks out at the top of the pelmet.
  9. Place the guides that you have drilled onto the end plate legs and rivet them to hold them in place.
Attaching the shutter to the wall
  1. Hold the shutter level in place.
  2. Drill through the pre-drilled holes in the guide into the brick.
  3. Use masonry plugs and screws to hold the shutter to the wall.
  4. For a wall with a cavity, drill a hole through the masonry until you reach the cavity, just above the motor cable.
  5. Thread the cable through.
  6. Drill a matching hole inside the home and pull the cable through.
  7. Seal the outer wall with silicone.
Setting up the motor
  1. Attach the cabling to the operator (you need an electrician).
  2. Ensure that the switch is off, turn the shutter to the fully down position and use the special tool provided to turn the topmost screw in the motor head clockwise until the motor stops running.
  3. Slowly turn anti-clockwise until you have the desired down position.
  4. Repeat the same process for setting the up position but use the bottom screw in the motor head.

When installing shutters with an electric motor, it’s crucial to hire a licensed electrician to handle the wiring. Although it may incur extra expenses, attempting to wire them yourself is not only unsafe but also against the law.

Getting a roller shutters quote

Still wondering about the price of roller shutters? You can compare multiple free quotes from roller shutter installers, electricians or handymen on Yellow Pages. Look for a professional with a solid local reputation when getting your roller shutters installed.

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*All costs and prices quoted were sourced at the time this cost guide was written and should only be used as an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are roller shutters?

Roller shutters cost between $300 and $2,000. Typically, the cost depends on the material, size and type of shutter you choose. Larger electric roller shutters cost upwards of $900, while manual roller shutters start from $300 and $350.

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