How much does an electrician cost? [2024]

Published in January 2024

How much will electricians & electrical contractors cost me?
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How much does an electrician cost? [2024]

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Published in January 2024

A guide to electricians prices and rates

How much does an electrician cost? Electricians cost per hour is typically somewhere between $80 and $140. The cost of an electrician will depend on their experience and how long the job takes to complete.

When you’re budgeting for an electrical job, it’s important to understand local labour rates and material costs. Whether you have a build or renovation project in mind or just need some routine maintenance attended to, hiring a licensed electrician for your wiring needs is essential for your safety and to comply with Australian laws.

In this electrician cost guide, we explore:

  • Electrician hourly rates
  • Call out fees
  • Price list estimate for various electrical services, and
  • How to hire an electrician and get free quotes.
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What does an electrician do?

An electrician or electrical contractors (also known as a “sparkie”) can handle all your electrical services. As a tradesperson, electricians will plan, install and maintain your electrical systems. Electrical work must always be carried out by a fully trained electrician.

Sparkies can help you with an assortment of wiring jobs. This includes:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Home automation and entertainment systems
  • Lighting and solar power
  • Cabling, power points, lighting installation for new homes

If you’re building a new house or renovating your home, an electrician can help you plan the electrical system.

cost of an electrician

How much does an electrician cost per hour?

How much does an electrician charge per hour? For most electrical jobs, an electricians hourly rate comes with a flat service fee or call out fee. While the flat service fee is generally between $50 and $140, the average electrician hourly rate is between $70 and $95.

An hourly rate electrician will calculate their time worked in 15-minute increments. If they don’t have a call out fee, their first hour of work may be charged at a higher rate.

Factors that affect the cost of an electrician

When you need electrical wiring done, you’ll want to know exactly how much it’s going to cost, not just the electrician hourly rates. There are a few factors that will affect the total cost of your service. These include:

  • Your location
  • Ease of access to the work area
  • The size and type of the job and difficulty level
  • The materials and equipment used

For instance, wiring a new home is usually easier and faster to do than wiring an old home. This is because it can be easier to gain access to all the places the electrician needs to work on, including the ceiling. In this case, electrician costs could be cheaper.

Call out fee hourly rate for electrician

An electrician call out fee usually ranges between $50 and $140 and will be added to the total labour cost for the job. This fee is to cover general expenses that the sparkie will incur when attending to your home, performing an inspection and preparing a quote.

If the job is quick and easy, your electrician may simply charge you the call out fee to cover the expense of the job. Always ensure you have their quotes in writing for any electrical jobs, including the call out fee, to avoid invoice disputes later regarding electrical costs.

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average electrician hourly rate

Electrician price list for different jobs

Let’s look at electricians prices and rates for various electrical jobs.

How much does powerpoint installation cost?

The cost to install a powerpoint is between $140 and $180 for each new power point, with the average cost being about $150. This price includes labour and materials.

How much do safety switches cost to install?

The cost of electrician hire for installing safety switches is usually between $85 and $200. If you have an older house and require a switchboard upgrade or replacement, expect to pay between $500 and $1,200.

Safety switches are an essential component of your electrical system. They protect you and your loved ones from faulty appliances, damaged wiring and power surges.

How much to install a hard-wired smoke alarm?

Electricians charge on average about $150 for smoke alarm installation. For tricky jobs that take more time, you can expect to pay extra.

LED lighting installation cost

For LED light installation, you can typically expect to pay between $60 and $75 per light. For outdoor lights, the hourly electrician rate applies of $75 to $90 per hour.

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Installing ducted heating

An air conditioning and electrical expert would usually charge between $5,000 and $10,000 for the system and installation. The electricians cost will depend on the length of time it takes to install, with smaller systems being quicker and more cost effective than larger systems.

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How much does an electrician charge per hour?

Home automation system installation

For a complete home automation installation, the cost of an electrician can be anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. A small home with three bedrooms will cost about $20,000, while a large property could set you back about $50,000 to $100,000 for a system with full control.

This complex and thorough electrical service includes automation of home appliances, heating, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and security. While it streamlines your home’s electrical system for ease of use, it also substantially increases the value of your property.

For a more accurate idea of how much your electrical job will cost, compare multiple free quotes from licensed and local electrical contractors.

Installing electrical wiring and connections

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you’ll likely need an electrician to help install the wiring and connection of appliances. An average electrical cost for this job would be between $500 and $1,200. The electrician estimate will depend on the size and complexity of the work.

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Hiring electricians and getting quotes

Still wondering how much does an electrician cost? To get accurate prices it’s best to compare multiple quotes from local electrical contractors. When you hire an electrician, choose a tradie with a solid reputation.

Remember to hire qualified and licensed electricians to perform any electrical task in your home or commercial building. Also check they have the necessary insurance to work on your property, can provide a written quote, and can show references.

Looking for the “cheapest electrician near me”? If you want to know the specific electrician cost for your particular needs, compare multiple free quotes from local sparkies with Yellow Pages. This way, you’ll have an accurate reflection of local market rates.

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*All costs and prices quoted were sourced at the time this electrical cost guide was written and should only be used as an estimate.

Electrician prices guide FAQ

How much do electricians cost per hour?

How much does an electrician charge per hour? If you're wondering how much electricians cost per hour, their hourly rates are usually between $75 and $90, plus a call out fee or flat service fee.

Do I need a licensed electrician?

Only licensed electricians can perform electrical work on your property. In Australia, unlicensed electrical work is unlawful. This is for safety reasons. Trainee electricians conducting work on your home must be supervised by a fully licensed electrical contractor.

What is a Master Electrician?

A Master Electrician is a member of Master Electricians Australia (MEA). While members have access to all the latest industry insights and advice, they still hold the same license as other qualified electricians.

How much will electricians & electrical contractors cost me?
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