Roller Door Prices – Top Tips For the Best Deal

Published in November 2019

How much will garage doors & fittings cost me?
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Roller Door Prices – Top Tips For the Best Deal

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Published in November 2019

How much will a new roller door cost me?

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Want to update your roller door or install a roller door at your property but wonder how to find the best deal? You can get a quality door without it costing the earth by exploring the wide range of roller doors available across Australia.

If you want a quality garage door, you could be looking at anywhere between $1000 to $5000+ due to the variety. In this article, we explore the types of roller doors available and the best tips for getting a great deal.

Installing a roller door is a great way to add more space to the garage.

How much does a garage door cost?

Like any purchase you make, the cost of an item can vary based on the material used, the style and the size, and roller doors are no different.

If you are looking for an approximate ballpark figure you might be looking at the following when it comes to roller door prices (estimates only)

  • Single roller door – starting from $750 to approx $1500
  • Double roller door – starting from $1500 to $2000
  • Roller shutter garage door – starting from $1000 to $1500
  • Single tilt garage door – starting from $2000 to $3000
  • Double tilt garage door – starting from $2500 to $3500
  • Commercial roller doors – starting from $1750

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How do I know what my roller door will cost?

Calling a roller door installation business will allow you to book a consultation to discuss your options and arrange a quote. There is a huge range of options on the market including sectional garage doors, tilt garage doors, panel lift doors and much more.

Most of the time, consultations are free. You can get a clear understanding of what is involved, the materials available, styles and the roller door solution that would best suit you.

Based on whether you choose features such as luxury western red cedar or you are after a more basic aluminium style roller door, your door price will vary. You should also consider there will be installation costs and also additional costs based on whether you need an industrial or residential door for your property.

Should I buy an automatic roller door or a manual roller door?

The choice really comes down to you, but if you are trying to narrow down the options you can get a manual door for around $500 less than one with a motor. The big issue is that if you have one without a motor you are going to have to get out of your car and open and shut the door each and every time – which is a pain for most of us.

You can have a chat with an installation company to get a clear idea of your budget and what is available. Many areas have a range of roller doors and a simple drive around your local area will showcase the options available in both commercial and residential roller doors.

Tips for getting the best deal for your roller garage door

At the end of the day, you may save money if you consider the following points:

  • Single panel roller doors which are the more traditional doors will save you money as they have fewer parts and require less labour time. The costs come when you have multi-sectional doors and time-consuming setups for the panels.
  • Consider a roller door that is manual rather than a door with a motor. By not having the motor you can save running costs ongoing but also save in the installation and overall cost of the roller door.
  • Compare prices from a range of roller door providers. Of course, you shouldn’t accept the first quote you receive. Get a range of quotes and make sure the features suit your needs. You could be buying a door that has too many features for what you need, so take the time to do your research.

What sort of materials are roller doors made from?

There are lots of styles and materials used for roller doors.

  • Wooden – You can enjoy the luxury of a wooden garage door which is moisture resistant and made to add a touch of class to your home.
  • Composite wood – made to look like wood, this material is low maintenance and faux, so you get the look without the cost or maintenance of wood.
  • Steel – available in a range of colours and styles, this type of roller door is a popular choice in Australia thanks to its versatility and also the price.
  • Aluminium – this material is rust-resistant and suitable for humid climates. Aluminium is one of the more affordable options for roller doors.

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What else should I know about buying a roller door?

An important point that could be handy in your quest to find the perfect roller door is the fact that often the door opener is an additional cost to the roller door.

While you might prefer an all-inclusive option, this is often something to ask during the quotation process. As well as this, you should make sure you understand if there is a warranty for the roller door product and whether the installation is included.

Buying a roller door is a great way to add a special touch to your property or make a space or car parking area that little bit more secure.

Roller doors are available for new builds and also existing builds. There is a range of options including material, colours, functionality and more.

Do you want to know more? Get in touch with your local roller door company and arrange a consultation to find out more.

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How much will garage doors & fittings cost me?
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